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If not now, then when? If not you, then who?

With Shieltron security we use a holistic approach to secure companies against cyber threats e.g . We provide a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions to ensure data privacy, protect against insider threats, adaptive persistence threats and enable regulatory compliance. We strive to deliver the best security solutions available in the market.

The continuous evolving use of the internet within the corporate network, consumerization of IT, constantly changing IT infrastructures – on premises – cloud – hybrid mode should lead to a comprehensive security approach. Proactive cyber defense ideally prevents an incident from taking place. Any other approach is simply reactive. All organizations should now assume that they are in a state of continuous compromise. We strive to deliver the best security solutions available in the market that provide you the tools to stay ahead of threats. If your overall security policy is able to tick all of the three A’s, then you have most likely a very high level of security


StormShield, a wholly owned company of Airbus Defence & Space, has recently acquired two security vendors, Netasq and Arkoon, Both native European security vendors who comply to certified NATO security standards. Stormshield offers three lines of enterprise security solutions: SNS, Network Security Firewall-UTM solutions that range from SMEs to large distributed enterprises. SDS, Data Security solutions to assure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of corporate data with sophisticated encryption and data leakage protection. SES, Endpoint Solutions, with StormShields Endpoint Security it announced a whole NextGen endpoint protection, developed to secure Army level endpoints against known, unknown and future advanced persistent threats. With an unrevealed high-throughput, highly scalable, and flexible own NetOS operating system to form the backbone of its products. Stormshield SNS platform yields dramatically higher performance at a much lower cost than competitors in environments where multiple security engines are enabled.


Centrify is a leader in securing enterprise identities against cyberthreats that target today’s hybrid IT environment of cloud, mobile and on-premises. Centrify helps protect against the leading point of attack used in data breaches―compromised credentials—by securing an enterprise’s users as well as its privileged accounts.


IPBrick is the vendor of the first Private SBS Cloud Server. A secure private cloud environment which delivers full server, exchange, sharepoint, CRM and Unified Communications capabilities as one integrated business server. All your critical business communications, mails and documents in one safe harbour! IPBrick delivers the perfect equivalent to Microsoft office 365 E5 functionality. IPBrick VoIP and Unified Communication sync seamlessly with Skype for business connectivity and presence. With IPBrick’s private SBS Cloud Server our channel partners, the resellers, always stay in control of their customers.


The front line of application security. Web application attacks represent the greatest risk to an organization (39%), but most security budgets are spent on securing and monitoring the perimeter and endpoints. As a result, the bad guys have found it easier to sneak in through vulnerabilities in web applications. WhiteHat’s application security solutions enable you to find and fix vulnerabilities before the bad guys can exploit them. We deliver security throughout the whole software development lifecycle or assist the corporates that uses them. Learn more.


Trustwave helps businesses fight cybercrime, protect data and reduce security risk. With cloud and managed security services, integrated technologies and a team of security experts, ethical hackers and researchers, we enable businesses to transform the way they manage their information security and compliance programs.


Netpresenter is a global leader in Secure Corporate Communication. With its centralised management console Netpresenter enables you to accomplish a communication tool to alert, and manage the attention of your employees, customers and even pre-defined geographical inhabits (citizens) e.g. Amber alert! Netpresenter provides the most effective central communication center for improving internal communications, employee engagement, productivity, awareness and customer alerting.